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Raising your kids in Vancouver

By Kyo Maclear / November 7, 2017

Raising a healthy, well-educated and well-behaved kid is the ultimate goal of every parent and the lifetime commitment and challenge. This task seems somewhat more difficult nowadays in a modern world when the whole life tempo is speeded, the kids are exposed extremely to all sorts of information, and the outside world seems to be […]


How difficult is it to adopt if you are a single dad?

By Kyo Maclear / October 31, 2017

Adopting children if you are a single parent was quite controversial topic for a long time and adopting as a single father was considered the unfavorable extreme decision. The family law official attitudes varied. However, things have changed significantly over the last several years favoring easier permission for single parents to adopt, including adopting if […]


Selecting the Right School for Your Child

By Kyo Maclear / October 24, 2017

Having intelligent and highly educated child is the ultimate goal of every parent. Thus we are all specifically worried about and interest into careful and adequate choosing of proper school for our kid. Regardless of the time you spend teaching your child to think in general or to read and calculate, providing high-quality formal education […]